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How To Choose A Nose Ring

Who knew that buying a nose ring came with so many decisions? Fortunately, Alluring Body has done all of the research for you. Here's how to select the perfect size, metal, and fit.

Diamond Size

Take into account your personal taste, work environment, and facial features when choosing a diamond size. Our 1.2mm diamond is ideal for a conservative workplace or if you want a tiny bit of sparkle. The 1.6mm Perfect Diamond Nose Stud is aptly named because it really is the perfect size for most people and still relatively discrete. If you enjoy sporting large pieces of jewelry, you'll be happiest with a larger diamond, like our bold diamond nose stud. Also consider the size of your nose. Our 2mm diamond may overwhelm a smaller nose, whereas the 1.2mm diamond may go unnoticed on a more prominent nose. If you are still undecided, keep in mind that nose rings are like any other kind of jewelry; one may not fit all of your needs. Many customers order a selection that reflect their changing activities and moods.

Metal Choice

Metals that aren't biocompatible can irritate your skin. Surgical steel and titanium are not 100% biocompatible unless they're implant grade steel or implant certified titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI). Steel can become very cold, making it a poor choice for nose jewelry. Sterling silver can cause irritation or permanent skin discoloration. Alluring Body jewelry is made of solid nickel-free 18k white gold, solid nickel-free 18k gold, solid platinum, or solid nickel-free 14k rose gold. Our metal offerings are excellent choices in our experience and according to the Association of Professional Piercers.

A poorly finished nose stud can be uncomfortable and irritating. "Hand finished" does not guarantee a smooth finish. Alluring Body expertly finishes each nose ring or stud to a smooth, fine polish. They are simply beautiful and the best you can buy.

Post Style

Alluring Body nose studs are available as pins (also known as bones or studs), screws (or U shaped), and L shaped.

  • L Post (Standard): L bends are usually used for initial piercings because they are easy to get in. They are also a nice choice for someone who has trouble getting the U shaped screw in, or who likes to change their jewelry often. They are easy and relatively secure.

  • Pin Post: Nose pins offered by Alluring Body are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The little ball on the end is simply pushed through the piercing and holds the jewelry in place - it is not detachable. We have perfected the size of the ball so it is easy to get in, but also tight enough to be secure. If you find that nose screws flip around or are uncomfortable, our nose pins are your best choice. Because the end ball can damage the delicate skin in new piercings, they are only intended for healed piercings.

  • U Post (Nose Screw): Alluring Body nose screws are designed to fit securely. The screw is threaded through the piercing, resulting in a very secure fit. Nose screws can be difficult to get in. We recommend having your piercer insert your nose screw for the first time. If you have a very active lifestyle or are concerned about your nose ring falling out, this is probably the best style for you.

How To Put In A Nose Screw (U Post)

Post Gauge

"Gauge" is the thickness of the post. The higher the number, the thinner the post. Nose piercing is usually done with an 18 gauge (1.02mm) post. After a nose piercing heals, most people switch to a 20 gauge (.81mm) post because it is thinner and leaves a smaller hole. A post thinner than 20 gauge is not recommended for most nose piercings.

Post Length

The proper post length (the length of the part inside your nose) can keep a nose screw from flipping around, or a help a nose pin lay flat on the nose. Through years of research and conversations with our customers, we developed a standard length that fits most people. A proper fit should be comfortable and have a little room for the natural expansion and contraction of your nostrils. It shouldn't be tight or so loose that it hits your septum.


Q: What style would you recommend for a new piercing?

A: The L post (Standard) is the best choice for a new piercing. We also recommend using our 1.6mm perfect diamond nose stud or larger, because a smaller size may fall into a new piercing.

Q: Do the prongs on your nose rings snag?

A: Other companies usually just push the prongs over and don't finish them, which causes roughness and snags. I round and hand polish each prong so that they are smooth.

Q: I've seen diamond nose studs that seem to sit a little lower than Alluring Body nose studs? Why is that?

A: Other companies sell diamonds that are cut too shallow. A shallow cut diamond doesn't sparkle nearly as much as a properly cut diamond and is also worth a lot less. All of our diamonds are premium quality and cut ideally for maximum brilliance.

Q: What is the difference between a left and right U post?

A: There is some debate over which way to bend a U post, otherwise know as a screw post. The general consensus is that a left nostril is bent so that when it is laying flat on the table with the diamond facing you and the U hump at the top (like an upside-down U), the diamond should be on your left. When inserting the screw into the piercing, the diamond should be facing the face. However, if the opposite bend works better for you - stick with it. There is nothing wrong with wearing it that way.