Free Shipping On All Orders
Free Shipping On All Orders


I think with my last purchase, that makes 7 different orders I have had from you--5 for me and 2 for my daughters. You ladies are the absolute best in nose jewelry and it is well worth the money. I have sensitivities to metals and I have never had a problem with your jewelry. They are the most comfortable and the most beautiful ones I own. I think I have finally found the most comfortable post for me. I have been through screws, L bends, and pins. Keep in mind, they are all comfortable, but the most comfortable for my nose is the long pin. Other companies do real gold and real diamonds, but they do not shine like the ones from Alluring Body. Thanks for your excellent product and your awesome customer service!

- Amy, from Illinois

I have now purchased 4 nose studs. 1.2mm diamond nose stud standard L-shape post; 2mm diamond nose stud short L-shape post, 1.2mm diamond nose stud short L-shape post; and the 2mm Royal Amethyst nose stud short L-shape post.

I have been searching online and locally for years now for a good quality nose stud and I finally found what I’ve been searching for. I work for the Air Force, so the tiny 1.2mm diamond is perfect in the professional workforce. I have gotten so many compliments on your nose studs from even the most reserved people. Not only are your products high in quality but also affordable and classy. Love them!

- Melanie, from Tinker Air Force Base, OK

I wanted to say thank you so much! I received my 1.2mm diamond nose screw today, I just love it! It fits perfectly, and doesn't hurt!! All of the other kinds that I had would poke the inside of my nose and make it bleed! I have never had one so beautiful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Jamie, from Ohio

I received my beautiful perfect diamond nose screw in the mail yesterday. I can not believe how quickly it arrived. I spoke with a young lady the day I ordered my jewelry and she was very helpful with my questions. When my perfect diamond arrived, I quickly went to my piercer to have it put in. I'm super happy with my jewelry and can not wait to order few more pieces. I've recommended Alluring Body to a few of my friends who have nose piercings. I'm hoping you guys will make a stunning diamond nose screw in bezel setting. But for my next purchase I will be ordering the stunning diamond that is on the site.

Thanks again for my beautiful jewelry and great customer service. Looking forward to my next Alluring Body jewelry purchase.


- Taisa

I received my 1.2 mm tiny stud in white gold short yesterday and it absolutely gorgeous! As soon as I opened the pouch, it was clear this was like no other nose stud I've purchased. This is fine jewelry. It looks perfect on my small nose and sits perfectly flat. And the sparkle! It is so professional for work and just want I wanted. Shipping was unbelievably fast..I want to throw away all my other nose studs and replace them with Alluring Body's from now on. I will purchase the 1.6 mm next. You have another customer for life. Thank you for making me and so many others feel beautiful.

- Michele

I had to write to say thank you SO much! I had my nose pierced a few days after my 45th birthday and I had been looking for a high quality diamond nose stud and was disappointed with other pieces I'd purchased. When I found your website I knew I had finally found a company that takes pride in their jewelry. I ordered the 2mm stunning diamond L-shape nose stud and I absolutely love it! A couple of weeks later I ordered the Alexandrite nose stud and it is as beautiful as the photo. My next purchase is going to be my 46th birthday present to myself - your 2.4mm bold diamond. I even gave my husband a link to your diamond earrings for my Christmas present this year.

I won't buy my nose studs from any other company. You guys have a customer for life! Thank you so much for all of the care you put into your jewelry, which is reflected in the high quality in each gorgeous piece of jewelry.

- Lucy, from Murrieta, CA

Thank you! The nose ring is gorgeous! It feels great! Like nothing is in my nose. I had to take the surgical out because it was very uncomfortable. But this is absolutely gorgeous! And soo.. Comfortable I had to check to see if it was in. I will probably be ready to buy a bigger size soon. Let me see how quickly I heal. I know I only did the piercing on the 20th of June and I hope it's ok to put this earring in. But I could take how uncomfortable it was. Thank u again! Just beutiful and thank u for only giving me clean diamonds. It looks like u have a customer for life.

- Shelawn, from Florida

Received my nose ring today and I am in love!! I ordered the 1.6 perfect nose ring L shape.. It looks classy much more fitting and attractive on my face than the one I was pierced with. I'm already getting compliments! Fantastic quality product and fast shipping, not my last order from your company for sure!

- Niki, from Maine

Just wanted to say thank you for all my beautiful jewelry. All of those you see are alluring body, excluding one. You ladies have a customer for life!

- April, from Texas

I just received my nose screw yesterday. At first I thought it looked small (1.6) and I hedged about whether to return it or try it. I tried it and it's in fact - perfect! I love the fit of your jewlery, the nose screw is so secure & comfortable and the diamond is just the right size. I was a little afraid I wouldn't get it in myself but I did, thanks to your "how to" video. Great first experience & I would recommend your jewelry to anyone!

- Laura, from New York

I just received my 1.2mm custom nose screw in the mail, and I must say that I am more than pleased with the quality, and the customer service. Thank you for making my piece custom to fit my type of nose. I can't wait to buy my next nose ring in the future. You ladies are amazing!

- Shreese, from Texas

I absolutely am in LOVE with my perfect diamond nose stud in platinum! The quality is exceptional and will never order from anyone else! I have ordered the teensy and bold, as well. But, this is my favorite!

- Jodi, from North Carolina

Hello, I'd had some questions about which nose stud to buy and you'd emailed me back with suggestions. In the meantime I'd ordered 1.2 and 1.6 studs in the 20 gauge standard length L bend. I just want to tell you that these are the most beautiful, quality nose studs I've ever seen. Im so impressed with how they lay against my nose and don't stick out. They are elegant and sparkly, just beautiful!! Your quality is like nothing I've seen!! My standard length may be a bit too long for me, although it does not stick out of my nose, I might be happier with the short but Im not changing my piercing now. I will order the short in a few weeks and give the standard lengths to my daughter who also has her nose pierced. I've only had my piercing for 2 weeks but the screw used in my new piercing was sticking out of my nose. At 49 years old and being a professional who dresses up and deals with people all day, I did not want the piercing to be obvious at all and I felt I needed to change it asap. Your suggestion of the L bend was perfect. I know the fresh piercings are not supposed to be changed but in feeling I didnt have a choice, the L bend went in SO easily that I even surprised myself. No doubt this is the quality of your work. Just wanted to say thank you for being so very helpful and offering such a high quality product and service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will be back to order more soon!!

- Kim, from Pennsylvania

My Nose Stud was just delivered and it is absolutely perfect (the 7mm did the trick)!!! I cannot thank you enough for your patience in answering my questions, your fabulous customer service/care, but most of all your beautiful jewelry!!! I am a very satisfied customer!!!

- Dena, from New Jersey

I just received my nose ring and I wanted to say thank you! It's so beautiful and perfect. I absolutely love it!

- Carrie, from Florida

I just wanted to write to let you know that we received the 18 gauge perfect diamond in platinum today. I purchased it for my daughter who just had her nose pierced a month ago but did not like the look of the "diamond" it was pierced with. She put the stud in herself and said it went in easily, the video was a huge help. She also said it is very comfortable because she was able to chose the option of the screw for the left nostril. If lays nicely against her skin and there is not flipping or turning which I was concerned about. Thank you and we will be purchasing more from you in the future.

- Melanie, from Michigan

I was so nervous about ordering another nose stud on-line because the last two I ordered (from different companies) did not fit. I emailed and Carolyn responded very promptly. I am a black female with thicker nostrils so I was really, really concerned about the fit. She answered all of my questions. The customer service is awesome! I ordered the diamond 2.5mm, L-shape, 18 gauge, 6.5mm length. She was able to custom make the 2.5mm. The stud fit perfectly and and it's so beautiful. Thank you so much for your help and I will DEFINITELY order a few more nose studs.

- Loritta, from Texas

Your company ROCKS!!!! I just want to say I am SO pleased with your product! I just ordered for my own Christmas gift my 3rd diamond nose stud. I have purchased from other companies because they were cheaper and NEVER have I pleased with the quality. I am here to stay . . . I will be 50yrs this June and have had my nose pierced for almost 3 yrs now and the quality is VERY important to me as I work in the community a lot and need to look classy yet with a kick . . . Thank YOU for helping me look great!

- Patty, from Minnesota

I ordered all the way from Australia. Just wanted to say I am thrilled with my purchase (perfect nose stud and nose hoop). Both so comfortable and the packaging is divine!

- Julie, from Australia

I just wanted to tell you again how grateful I am to have found your store. Your products are beyond beautiful and your customer service is hands down some of the finest I've ever experienced. I appreciate Alluring Body. It's nice to see a woman owned business be successful because of their hard work and what they give to their customers. I'm a customer for life. Thank you again.

- SueAnn, from Hawaii

Carolyn, Thank you so much for your recent in-put, regarding my 1.2mm nose screw. After your email, I waited 2 days, and the original hole shrank so this screw wouldn't fall in the hole anymore. It fits PERFECT, not only in the hole, but; for my face. I've gotten many compliments. Just one yesterday, from my Dentist. Thanks again. I am a 62 year old woman, and I've always wanted my nose pierced. Thanks again for your help.

- Lydia, from Arkansas

I wanted to let you know your advice to me was perfect!! I ordered the L-shape 1.6 Perfect Diamond it is secure and I love it! I was terrified to put it in because of the nose screw horror I went through but I did it with ease and it looks beautiful!! I bought the 2 mm Stunning in a nose screw before I knew any better, and now I'm so bummed. I wished I would have known more about L-Shape before I would have ordered them all that way. I'm thinking down the road, I'll order another 2mm Stunning but definitely in the L- Shape this time. Thank you again for making such beautiful diamond nose studs!! You guys are the best!!

- Christine, from Pennsylvania

I received my diamond nose stud this week, and I love it! I have had my piercing for over a year, but have been so nervous about changing it out because I expected it to be painful. I also was hesitant to order one online, but after visiting all my local options, I decided I had no other choice if I wanted a nice piece of jewelry. I was pleased from the moment I opened the box. The care that was taken in packaging and shipping was evident. It was a little uncomfortable removing my old screw, but I have been so pleased from the moment I put this beautiful pin in. It went in easy and is super comfortable. I have always had a little discomfort with my piercing - it never felt like it totally healed properly. But since putting this pin in the other day, my piercing has been perfectly comfortable. I'm not sure now why I waited so long to get this!!! Thanks so much for the excellent website that answered so many of my questions, and for the quick shipment and the beautiful diamond. I LOVE IT!!

- Sheila, from South Carolina

You sent to me a purple 2mm diamond nose stud as i requested and i wanted to let you know the workmanship and your willingness to work with me on said item is AWESOME.Your coustomer service is above and beyond the *norm*. I will recommend you to many of my friends. Thank you for working with me.

- Allison, from Maine

I wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with my nose ring! Your customer service was great, you answered my email within hours. The nose screw is amazing quality! It is very pretty and classy. It did take me a few tries to get my first screw in but, finally, it is in. My original piercing fell out all of the time and I had developed a bump on the inside of my nose....within 2 days of your nose screw being in the bump is starting to go away. I am sure it is because I can finally wash my nose really well without worrying about my ring falling out each time. Lastly, the screw is very discrete, I have no worries that it will be visible from the inside of my nose. Very, very pleased. Thank you for taking the stress away and allowing me to enjoy my piercing.

- Heather, from Colorado

I would like to thank you so much, your website says "No hassle returns" and I was sceptic at first but you made the process of exchange so easy. As I said earlier we will be purchasing more from you in the future. Once again thank you!

- Rosie, from Virginia

It arrived in time!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful service. I really love all the things on your site and it was so hard to decide which one to start with. :-) Yah! Thanks again!

- Ila-Marie, from California

Beautiful - Perfect quality! and great, quick service. Repeat customer and will shop again. Thank you Alluring Body as there is no other retailer like you!

- Orange County, CA

I just received my order and just wanted to let you know how pleased I was. The shipping was very quick and the packaging was awesome. I will definitely recommend your business and look forward to doing business with you again.

- Carolyn, from New Jersey

Thank you for your prompt and sincere message. Thank you so very much. I will continue to look at items that you offer - you've demonstrated a commitment to the customer and to quality, and in this day and age, I truly appreciate that!

- Linda, from Ohio

I received my order today in record time and was just over the moon about it. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

- Sandra, from New York

Nose Stud Reviews

My name is Tina, and my life changed the day I let a guy covered in tattoos thread a three inch--twenty gauge needle through my nose.

Now, you see, I am a huge baby, and I do not do needles, like in any-way-shape or form, but...I couldn't go one more day adoring other people's nose jewels; their glittering profiles, diamond kissed faces. So...

I went to Jade Dragon in Chicago and without any fear sat down in a chair that looked like it belonged in a dental office, while Jerry Springer introduced guests on a mini-tv behind my shoulder. And in a blink it was over. I was pierced.

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the default nose ring. My sweetie immediately fell in love with the piercing and went online to search for a quality, piece of art to grace my nose. He found Alluring Body, and two months later, on my birthday I received a beautiful box in the mail with a stunning diamond nose ring inside, complete with hand written note. Romantic...

I enjoy my nose ring every-single-day. It matches all my moods from sweet to spicy. It's always there in the mirror reminding me to get out and live my life to the fullest, to never watch from a distance, but to take into my hands that which most completes me; the way it does.

- Tina Lynn, from Chicago, Illinois

This exquisite little nose pin is precisely what I was looking for! It is extremely comfortable, and has incredible sparkle for it's petite in size. The packaging was a delight to open, and customer service was fantastic! Thanks so much, Alluring Body!!

- G.L., from Canada

Love the stud... and great service! After two returns to Alluring Body and NO hassles, I now have the stud I want and LOVE! It's small and tasteful and I can wear to work (office job). It gives just the right amount of sparkle. It's small, but perfect! Great quality too.

- Julie, from Cincinnati, OH

I received my nose stud within 3 days, and I love it. very cute and simple, not too flashy. I'll probably order more stuff from here. Thanks!

- Cristine, from Northridge, CA

I finally found a nose stud that I like that doesn't irritate my nose! The service and packaging was great, but most importantly it is beautiful and I haven't had one problem since putting this nose stud in. I've tried to use L-shaped rings and nose screws but this nose stud is by far the best and classy looking!

- Lucy

It is exactly what I was looking for! It became part of me in no time.

- Lindy, from So California

This is truly the most exquisite diamond nose jewelry I have ever seen. I researched a lot before purchasing from this wonderful company and believe me Alluring Body has the BEST there is available! I couldn't be happier! The entire piece is just perfect...not a single flaw and the customer service was beyond my expectation! I will definitely purchase from here again!

- Bridgette, Florida

A perfect little nose ring - beautifully set, lays perfectly on nose, perfect length - I don't notice I'm wearing it at all - never again will I wear another type of nr. Great customer service too - professional, fast and friendly. excellent.

- Perfect, from Hawaii

I just got my Teensy Nose Stud and I love it! It is so small and pretty! I will definitely be buying more things from your website.

- Jessica, from Wyoming

My nose ring is so beautiful. The sparkle the comfort everything about it I love. I am looking forward to my next nose ring purchase from you...

- Dana, from NJ

It is exactly what I was looking for! It became part of me in no time.

- Preeti, wearing an Alluring Body 2mm Diamond Nose Stud

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I purchased a diamond nose screw and I absolutely love it!! It fits perfect and looks great. Very subtle and cute. I have gotten tons of compliments on it and plan to get more! Thanks so much!!

- Brittany, from Kansas

This is the most beautiful and comfortable nose ring I have ever had.. The diamond sparkles so elegantly, and the company is very flexible with echanges.... All in all, will always purchase from Alluring Body!

- Jennie, from Canada

By far the most beautiful body jewelry I have ever seen. I am so happy with my new nose screw, it's dainty and it's constantly sparkling. It arrived extremely fast and was packaged very well. It's simply perfect! I can't wait to order one of the colored diamonds!

- Kim, from Orange County, CA

Not only did my nose ring arrive promptly, but I received a gorgeous piece of body jewelry that I am sure will continue to sparkle! My best friend loved it so much, she bought one, too!

- Mrs. N

I just received my beautiful diamond nose stud for my 26th wedding anniversary and it is everything that I imagined. I had my nose pierced 3 years ago and I have had trouble with it ever since, mainly sensitivity. I have the type of skin that requires very good jewelry and I thought I had that with my other nose ring, not true though. Thank you for having quality jewelry! I'm sure we will be buying others.

- Paula, from AR

I just received my white gold, 1.2mm Nose Screw today, which is excellent since I ordered it Friday evening and it had to ship all the way to Michigan. This diamond stud is just exactly what I have been looking for - tiny, discreet, yet sparkly and yes, sexy. I very rarely buy fine jewelry for myself, but when I came across this nose screw online, I knew I had to have it! I just love it. I look forward to shopping with you again soon for some other body pieces (I already have my eye on some diamond belly jewelry...)

- Elizabeth

I love the nose ring!! It was worth the wait I will defintely be purchasing more items off of you in the future!! thanks so much for the little pouch that came with it. That will help me keep track of my little item!! Thanks again!!

- Makayla, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to personally thank you for the prompt delivery. I absolutely LOVE the nose screw I ordered. It's simply gorgeous!!! I only wished I had known about you earlier, however that doesn't matter because I plan on buying all my nose & belly jewelry from you and you alone! I'm making another order next week!!!

- Natalie, Oregon

I love my nose ring it took me three different times to find the right one and I am so happy with the one I chose. I get a lot of compliments on my nose ring. If you are looking for a very elegant piece of body jewelry at a good price and GREAT quality Alluring Body is the spot.

- Amanda Thomas, from WA

I purchased a diamond nose screw from Alluring Body and I am 100% satisfied. I will be purchasing more soon.

Kelly, from Indiana

Just wanted you to know I am very happy with my nose screw. I was a little hesitant about spending $69 on it at first, but it was well worth it. Even in a diamond that small, you can see the quality and sparkle. I am very impressed, and talk about quick shipping! Will definitely buy from you again!

Kristen, from Illinois

I just wanted to tell you that I received my nose piercing last week on time! I loved the way you had it set in the box, I also love the size!! It was exactly what I was looking for. It looks really classy!! Thank you!

- Kathleen, from Florida

My new diamond nose screw is absolutely beautiful and very comfortable and secure. The gift box that it came in was a very nice touch and made it very special.

- Tanya, from North Carolina

Thank you so much for all of your personal attention!! My nose stud is so perfect!! I have to say, at first I was really tentative to spend this amount of money on a nose stud but logically, it's the only piece of jewelry I wear everyday, all day. It was well worth every cent. Thank you so much for customizing a stud for me and making a wonderful product!!

- Aimee, from New Jersey

The staff at Alluring has been more than helpful with me! I had just gotten my nose pierced (2 months ago) and had no idea what shape, size, gauge or color to get. I was making myself crazy trying to figure it out. I called them several times for assistance. Each time keeping someone on the phone for 25 minutes at a time. Each time, they (she) was sweet, helpful, attentive, listened and provided me with valuable guidance and assistance. Never making me feel as though I was a bother. As it turned out, despite the staffs best recommendation, that I should go with the 2.2 size and the L-shape (based on my nose), I went with the bold size and the screw shape. I received it in the mail a week later, only to see that it was not going to be right for me. I was already despising my starter one, which was bent into a screw type shape. They were correct. Since they were not too far from me, I decided to go to their facility, and exchange it. They were very flexible on their time and day. They were so helpful and did not make me feel incompetent or embarrassed. They sat with me and helped "me" to decide on the original one which they suggested, L-shape, 2.2 size and short. Since my piercing was new, and I was inexperienced, I ran down the street to a piercer who put it in for me. Beautiful!! I came right back, where they waited so nicely for my return, and purchased 2 more. I also bought the blue and pink diamond. I couldn't be happier. I have been wearing the blue diamond and love it. I have since brought 2 of my friends to them, who have also bought a few. I also bought the aquamarine belly jewelry. Everyone loves them. We love the ladies, the jewelry and the facility. Thank you for accommodating me and my friends. And most importantly, not making me feel like I made you "crazy" with my indecisiveness. I will be back. In fact, this week, with another friend, to pick up 2 more L-shape nose diamonds (purple and diamond). Just think of me as your new best friend! Thanks.

- Kathy, from Huntingdon Valley, PA

Thank you Alluring body, I've purchased 4 nose piece jewelry so far in the past year. 1 nose ring platinum love it so much fun! 3 of the 2.4 Bold diamond in a platinum pin, platinum screw & platinum L-shape. I love them all, each has it's own use - the ring when I'm feeling sassy, the pin or the screw when I'm being active & the l-shape whenever! The quality surpasses any other online jewelry store I've used in the last four years and I've spent bundles on just plain crap diamonds that don't come close to your selection and beauty! Your prices are fair not jacked like most retailers and work"woman"ship is proven because your platinum shines and I've never had anything snag on towels even (unless I'm not paying attention)! Thank you again, you have one happy customer!

- Charlotte, from Florida

I finally received my nose ring and it is AWESOME!!! Thank u - just the right length - it sits flat and doesn't catch on anything and the glimmer and shine is fabulous!! I'm soo glad I picked your company. Thanks again for your great customer service and prompt response and communication - I will be ordering for you all again

- Shanese, from Georgia

I have been meaning to email you for a while. I first was pierced in June of 2011... The piercing fell out as I was washing my face within a week. By the time I got to another piercer in another town, they had to re-pierce the original piercing which hurt like hell. Well, he put a sterling silver piercer in and there it sat until now. To be honest I was going to give up and let the hole close because it was still sore in between. Well, after ordering the studs from you, I can safely say that my piercing is completely healed. Mind you I just got them in December early January, I can swap them out with not the faintest bit of pain, when I accidentally pull it with a towel or cotton swab while removing make up I no longer wince. I am super amazed and in awe that simply putting a solid gold object in did the trick. I am eventually going to order more colors and will recommend this company to anyone seeking nose stud replacements. You all are fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks bunches!!!

- Pamela, from Illinois

I just wanted to let you know that my diamond nose screw is absolutely beautiful! ...and Thank You for the easy exchange from the 2mm to the 2.4mm. It arrived in no time! I will sure to be a customer in the future for all my nose jewelry.

- Bonnie, from DuBois, PA

I was allergic to the initial jewelry from getting pierced & didn't know it. I developed the dreaded bump within the first week. My piercer told me that I'm touching it with dirty hands and/or washing it incorrectly & not once mentioned metal allergies. I dealt with this for 3 months (the recommended healing time before changing my jewelry). I came upon your site while looking for remedies for the bump & decided to give you a try. I ordered the perfect diamond nostril screw & nose ring in white gold. Putting in the screw took a few attempts, but your video was super helpful. Within 24 hrs, my bump was gone & my nose looked so much better. 4 weeks later & still doing great. Thank you so much!! I love the perfect diamond - it's so pretty. The ring looks great, too. It sticks out a little further on my nostril than I prefer though. Maybe I need the smaller size. Thank you!

- Heather, from Milwaukee, WI

Belly Button Ring Reviews

Beautiful belly ring - I absolutely adore it. When I went to the piercing place everyone admired it and said its very beautiful and classy. I love it. Thanks again. I shall shop here for more.

- Blanche, from Glen Burnie, Md

I got my white gold and diamond navel jewelry and I absolutly LOVE it. I was so happy when it arrived the next day. I don't buy online often, and my past experience is that it takes forever, or something goes wrong, lost or misordered. You are real professionals. And the artistic craftmanship is beautiful. I will be saving up for for the Double Diamond Belly Ring. Believe me, you got yourselves a lifetime customer!!!

- Bridgitte, from California

I've been searching for a high quality belly ring, and this is it! I am so pleased, and it is very well constructed. I'm a customer for life!

- Josie, from San Antonio, TX

I received the navel ring today and it is beautiful. Thank you!!!

- Leisha

Recently I received a beautiful gold belly ring. I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love it. It was delivered quickly and packaged beautifully. I will definitely order from you again.

- Denise K.

First and foremost I must applaud and praise Carolyn for the individual attention I received on my custom order. My order was sent to me in a timely manner and especially given the fact that it was a custom fit to my rather unique navel piercing. Both Carolyn and her jeweler had the utmost patience with me in making sure my beautiful piece of navel jewelry was exactly right. Alluring Body is the right place for me to go because I have no tolerance for any jewelry less than 14K gold. After looking extensively throughout the many websites which carry 14K body jewelery I say with 100% certainty that Alluring Body is the only place to come to. I wear my jewelry 24-7 and am in the process of deciding what my next piece will be.

- Cynthia, from Ilinois

I am very happy with my purchase from Alluring Body. I have spent over $100.00 on artificial navel rings that were too pointy or uncomfortable. The last piece of jewelry I purchased irritated my skin. I wish I knew about your jewelry sooner. The navel jewelry I ordered from you shines better than the other pieces I had and the jewelry is more comfortable than the other 5 pieces of jewelry I purchased in the past. Thank You.

- Katreena

Hi Carolyn, My daughter loved her belly ring! She is wearing it now and it looks great. I gave her the coupon and left you positive feedback. Sorry about the delay in leaving it, but I waited until she saw the ring and raved about it. Anyways thanks for the great transaction!

- Diane, from Pennsylvania

Thank you for the replacement ball for my belly ring. I am very happy with it. Thank you also for the information you emailed. I found it interesting. Your helpfulness and service was outstanding. Thank you - I will be a happy return customer

- Sharon, from Oklahoma

I am a 48 year old cyclist and artist. The piercing was done last year for motivation to keep in shape during an extended illness, and the topaz was a reward for having climbed a mountain again on my bike. Thanks for sharing in this celebration.

- Sandra Cordova, from Colorado

I thought I would take the time and email you and let you know how pleased I was with my gold and diamond belly jewelry. I received it straight away and it was presented very well. I would definitely order again with you and tell my friends.

- Mary, from Georgia

I spoke to Carolyn regarding my new birthday present - the cuff with diamonds and blue sapphires... I am elated to know that the president takes the time to return calls and ensure that her customers are satisfied. I will definately recommend Alluring Body to all my friends, and will continue to be a future customer - a woman cannot have too much jewelery.

- Kerstin, from Virginia

I was very impressed with your communications. The day of the order I got an e-mail confirming the order and it was shipped the very next day. My daughter loved the presentation. She told me it came in a very cute box. The ring is lovely. Understated and timeless. As she has extremely sensitive skin, she had problems with surgical steel rings. Since changing to your ring, there have been no problems.

- Elizabeth