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How to Clean Body Jewelry

Gold and platinum from Alluring Body does not tarnish. Warm water, a little antibacterial soap, and a soft brush are all you usually need to clean your body jewelry and restore sparkle. Here are some other tips for keeping your jewelry looking beautiful for years to come.

  • Antibacterial soap can be harsh on new piercings. If your piercing is new, only clean your jewelry when necessary.
  • If possible, keep your jewelry away from cleaning products and chlorine. Over time, they can discolor or damage gold and some gemstones.
  • On rare occasions, the natural oils in your skin can turn yellow gold red. This is not rust and yellow gold jewelry can be restored with a little polish.
  • Dirt and oil prevent the real brilliance of diamonds from being seen. Handle jewelry from the edges to keep diamonds looking their best.
  • Store jewelry in a soft pouch when it is not being worn.