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Conflict-Free Diamonds

Fiery. Brilliant. Sparkling. Pure. We know what you're looking for in a diamond, and every Alluring Body diamond is a stunning example of our commitment to quality. Our standards apply to EVERY diamond we sell, even our smallest diamonds.


Alluring Body diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free. It's illegal, as well as contrary to our own ethical code, to sell conflict diamonds. In 2003, the Kimberley Process (or the "Clean Diamond Trade Act") was enacted by the United States and other countries to eliminate the conflict diamond trade. Alluring Body applauds this effort and only purchases diamonds through respected suppliers who adhere to standards established by the Kimberley Process. We also work directly with our suppliers to ensure diamonds are not sourced from areas known for human rights abuses, such as Zimbabwe's Marange diamond district.


A great cut means the difference between a flat, lackluster appearance and the brilliance of an Alluring Body diamond. How do we ensure that our diamonds are full of sparkle? It's simple: We select from diamonds that represent the top 25% of all diamonds in cut. Within the top 25%, only a few percent are good enough for Alluring Body. When evaluating a diamond's cut, we look at the polish, symmetry, pavilion angle, table ratio, and other factors in addition to the standard diamond rating. All of our round brilliant diamonds over 1/3 carat are certified ideal (excellent) by GIA, the highest rating possible.


Alluring Body only carries diamonds that are of D-G color. Second only to the cut. The exceptional color guarantees that your diamond doesn't have a yellow tint and radiates brilliance with every movement.


Another important factor in a diamond is its "clarity," which simply refers to the inclusions, in a stone. And while these inclusions can be used to identify a particular diamond, determine its origin, and even its age, they're not desirable because they interfere with a diamond's sparkle. Clarity can range from "flawless" (the best) to several grades of "included" (not-so-great). All of the diamonds used in Alluring Body jewelry are VS1-VS2 or better, meaning the top grades of diamonds rated "very slightly included". Translation: you can't see any flaws in our diamonds with the naked eye.


(.33ct or larger) comes with a GIA certificate. Our smaller diamonds do not come with a certificate because GIA certification is expensive and they do not certify smaller diamonds. Our in-house diamond expert, Ellie, inspects and grades our diamonds to verify the quality.